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TERMS & Conditions

Waiver & Release and Policies For All Locations
I understand that participation in any extracurricular activity may result in injury. I give permission for my child to participate in The Music Makers classes and release Music Makers, LLC, it’s owners and teachers, from all responsibilities and all claims for any injury. I agree to allow The Music Makers to take photographs and videos of my child while participating in music classes to use in promotional materials and other media outlets without compensation. (If you would like for us to not photograph your child, please let us know by email.)


No refunds can be given once payment has been made. Credit cannot be given for classes missed or for classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather or a location closure. If the instructor is unable to attend or the location is closed due to a holiday, the class will be made up at an alternate time.


Policies For School Programs

Your payment amounts are the same each month and are a monthly membership determined by the amount of classes per year. The amount of classes per month may vary. There are 42 classes per year.  Your child will stay enrolled in music each month unless you notify us otherwise before the 1st class of the month. Children will continue to be picked up for classes each month, and you will be responsible for payment, unless you notify us directly (not the school) of withdrawal by phone or email before the 1st of the month.  If a child’s behavior is disruptive to the class, we will return the child to their regular classroom and notify a parent. After a child has been returned to their class 3 times, the child will be removed from The Music Makers classes and a refund can not be given for fees already paid.

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